Club Membership

Membership of the Whitsunday Sailing Club brings many benefits, including discounts on drinks and food for all members and the use of many other optional facilities for full members.

Membership is based on a financial year with membership fees due in July. Current fees are listed on summarised as follows:

To apply for membership to Whitsunday Sailing Club, please select the button below:

Apply for WSC Membership

Alternatively, a copy of the new member application form can be downloaded for printing below:

The membership status of new members remains as TEMPORARY until ratified at the next membership meeting.

Existing associate members who meet the necessary criteria (as detailed in the WSC Contitution) may apply to upgrade their membership to full (Voting) memberership.

If you believe that you meet the criteria,  complete the Membership upgrade form:

Membership Upgrade to Voting Form

SailPASS membership allows non members to join for the day(s) to sail at Whitsunday Sailing Club. SailPASS membership provides full access to the club as well as personal accident insurance while on the water.  For further information on how SailPASS works, CLICK HERE.  To register for SailPASS at Whitsunday Sailing Club click the button below or scan the QR Code below from your phone or tablet, and then follow the link.

SailPass Registration

There are a range of SailPASS offers – select the one that best suits your needs.

Visitors are always welcome at the club – please sign in at reception.


A copy of the Whitsunday Sailing Club’s constitution and by-laws, governing the rights, obligations and conduct of all members, are available for download below.  Copies are also available from the club office

WSC Constitution

Codes of Behaviour

Codes of behaviour are enforced at Whitsunday Sailing Club (click to view):

Membership Benefits:

  • Bar discounts
  • Dining discounts
  • Entry into weekly membership draws
  • Members’ Internet access

In addition, membership categories other than Social Membership benefits include:

  • Access to Showers
  • Boat storage (optional – additional charge)
  • Sailing events (optional – additional charge)
  • Boat ramp (optional – additional charge)

Refer to the constitution for full details.  Categories of membership include:

  • Full Members
  • Associate Members
  • Junior Members
  • Social Members
  • Temporary Members (including SailPASS members)

Discounts for Families

If you have two or more sailors in your family then you may wish to take up a Family membership. Family membership entitles all members of your family to use of the club’s facilities (such as the boat ramp and rigging lawn).

Note that the Family Membership package does not include racing membership. However, racing membership can be added to selected family members who regularly participate in club racing and require an Australian Sailor Number. This keeps the cost of membership to a minimum as you pay the extra racing membership only for nominated family members.

More Information

For more information about membership phone the Whitsunday Sailing Club on 07 4946 6138.