Safety is our number one priority.  It should also be yours.  Australian Sailing, the peak sporting body for sailing in Australia, has developed requirements to which each boat must conform.  It is a requirement that all boats participating in Whitsunday Sailing Club events comply with these regulations.

There is nothing in these lists which a diligent skipper would not expect to have on his / her boat. Each boat is required to complete the Audit Forms and return them to the club, together with a copy of Insurance Certificate of Currency.

Whitsunday Sailing Club has a number of Equipment Inspectors who can provide guidance or assist with interpreting these requirements.  The Equipment Auditors will be carrying out checks on boats to ensure they meet the club’s requirements.  Boats who do not comply with required compliance are unable to enter club events.

2021 – 2024 Category 5 equipment audit forms are available for download HERE

For boats requiring forms for other categories, click HERE