Marine Facilities Terms of Use

The Whitsunday Sailing Club welcomes visiting yachtspeople and invite them to make use of our facilities. However, there are some rules we ask all members abide by:

Boat, Trailer and Dinghy Storage

  1. Boat, trailer and dinghy storage is available to financial club members (excluding social members), who have paid the appropriate fees, which will be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.
  2. Application for storage shall be determined by the Secretary or appointed staff, on behalf of the Executive Committee.
  3. The maximum length of any vessel stored at the club is 12 metres.
  4. Identification stickers will be issued by the club and must be displayed in a clear place on the vessel or trailer.
  5. Vehicles will not be issued identification stickers; however, club representatives may ask a member to produce their membership card on occasions for members’ security.
  6. A site will be allocated for the time required. This site must be kept clean and tidy at all times, including mowing.
  7. The club reserves the right to move vessels around the hard stand to accommodate other vessels.
  8. All vessels must be insured and proof of insurance must be produced prior to storage.
  9. An indemnity form must be completed and signed.
  10. The access gate must be relocked after entry and departure for security reasons.

Use of the Launching Ramp

  1. Do not enter the ramp whilst it is in use.
  2. Clear the ramp as quickly as possible.
  3. Priority shall be given to the launching and retrieving of the club rescue vessels.
  4. Rigging and other preparation must be completed away from the ramp and its access.
  5. When flushing motors engage idling revolutions only to minimize noise pollution.
  6. Trailers must be returned to their allocated spaces if applicable. If no space has been allocated, trailers must be parked in the upper car park. No trailers can be left on or by the ramp, on the grassed area or on the driveways.
  7. Vehicles are not to be left unattended on club grounds, or block access to the ramp or hard stand and maintenance area.
  8. Vehicles must not park or drive onto the grassed area in front of the club.
  9. Wash-down of vessels must take place in the wash-down bay only.
  10. No running hose shall be left unheld.
  11. User priorities are to be determined by order of arrival at pontoon and/or top of ramp.
  12. Courtesy to other members is to be displayed at all times.

Use of Pontoon and Dinghy Basin

  1. There is to be absolutely no parking on the north (ramp) side or end of the pontoon at any time.
  2. Dinghies may park temporarily on the south (beach) side of the pontoon. The time limit for the pontoon is 4 hours. Please adhere to this limit as the pontoon is a busy and limited resource.
  3. If parking is required for longer than 4 hours, please consider tides and park on the beach. This parking is for over 4 hours but has a maximum of 12 hours. The beach is not to be used for permanent parking. If this is required, please refer to above section.
  4. If parking on the pontoon, mooring lines must not cross the gangway. Please consider other users when tying up.
  5. Please be considerate of other users when entering or departing the dinghy basin and use correct speeds.
  6. The club reserves the right to impound any dinghy/vessel that abuses the above rules. Impounding
    of dinghies will be undertaken by an appointed club representative. Any query regarding the representative’s decision shall be made to the club secretary or other committee member.

Use of Careening Poles and Beach for Emergencies

  1. The careening poles and beach can be accessed for emergencies.
  2. A fee for the use of these facilities is applicable and must be paid at the time of booking.
  3. Light maintenance is permitted with the following exclusions: grinding, sanding, painting and antifouling, noise pollution.
  4. If heavy equipment is required i.e. trucks, cranes etc. the vessel owner shall be responsible to repair any damage caused to club grounds or facilities.

Prohibitions in Relation to Storage

  1. No storage of hazardous, inflammable or explosive materials on club premises.
  2. No living aboard vessels stored on club premises.
  3. No commercial operations are allowed to operate from the launching ramp.