Who is the real champion of the club? Here is a chance to find out in an entertaining, competitive event to be conducted over the weekend 5 & 6 March 2022. It is an “Elimination Round Robin” event, leading to a grand final of three remaining competitors.
Are you a club champion? Do you think you should be a club champion? Or do you just want to be part of this exciting 2 day competition?
Come and be part of the excitement of the 2022 Champion of Champions regatta.
No need to bring your crew – crew are provided by the club. Bring them anyway, just to see how good you are(n’t)
Whitsunday Sailing Club will provide boats, crew, lifejackets, entertainment and laughter
There is a total of 16 entries available. Of those 8 are reserved for current champions as follows:

• Division 1
• Division 2
• Division 3
• Off Beach
• Learn to Sail
• Lady Skippers
• Sailing Committee
• Management Committee

This leaves 8 “Wild Card” entries available at $55.00 (inc GST) each.
If you think you are up to it, get your entry in. You could be the inaugural “Champion of Champions”
To register, click or tap below:

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