Information for Competitors

Recreational boating is permitted under the Queensland Government Public Health Orders, however these orders may be reversed if boaters are seen to be disregarding the requirements for social distancing or clubs or sailing events become a source of transmission.

Whitsunday Sailing Club is looking forward to seeing sailing events re-commence, but COVID-19 is still with us and the way we sail and conduct events needs to adapt. We are all obliged to work together to fight the transmission of the virus, so the cooperation of all crews would be appreciated. There are a number of statuary requirements to be completed before competition can recommence, but the club anticipates return to racing early July.

At Home

  • Any tasks that can be done at home, should be done at home (e.g. crew meetings, debriefing etc)
  • It is strongly recommended that all sailors download the Australian Government COVID -19 contact tracing app (COVIDSafe) and keep it active at all times
  • It is also recommended that sailors be tested for COVID-19 and have a flu injection
  • If you are a person with high risk of COVID-19, or have symptoms of the Virus (even if mild), stay at home

Before Racing

To provide for possible tracing, all competing boats are required to register all their crew details (Crew Name and AS Number or SailPass Number) before each race. The penalty for not registering before the finish time of the last boat is disqualification from the race.  To register your crew list CLICK HERE


While we are all missing the usual social atmosphere of our clubs, the “new normal” for sailing in QLD sailing clubs is GET IN, SAIL & GET OUT…..

  • Arrive dressed and ready to sail
  • Minimise the use of change rooms, bathrooms and communal areas
  • Shower at home instead of at the club
  • The 4m2 rule applies ashore and sailors should maintain at least 1.5m distance
  • Avoid congregating in high traffic areas
  • Note the location of hygiene stations are sanitise hands regularly


  • There is a maximum of 20 persons aboard any boat
  • Where possible, sailors should maintain at least 1.5m distance apart
  • No stacking the rail – crew must remain at least 1.5m apart while on the rail
  • No unnecessary body contact (e.g. hand shaking, high fives)
  • No sharing of drink bottles, clothing, food and towels etc.
  • Avoid sharing of equipment – bring your own lifejacket, gloves etc.

Remember – Everyone participates at their own risk