Whitsunday Sailing Club has a number of off-beach sailboats available for hire to members wishing to participate in club races, sail training or just a casual sail.

Non members can participate via the club’s SailPASS program, which enables non members to join the club on a daily basis.  For a cost of $10.00 (inc GST) a SailPASS member is entitled to participate in club events as a temporary member for the day, and to hire club’s boats provided suitable experience can be demonstrated.

Before you start

We only hire boats to ordinary, associate, SailPASS members or junior members (subject to parent / carer signed consent) of Whitsunday Sailing Club with suitable sailing experience.You need to be able to tack and gybe and right the boat after a capsize. You will need to sign our waiver form and comply with our operating rules.Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) must be worn by all participants.

What’s included

The price includes the boat ready to sail  and  Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s)  (if required).

You will need to bring your own sailing gear – eg:- protective clothing, sunscreen, foot wear

Safety Regulations

If hiring a club dinghy, members must be aware of and comply with Australian Sailing’s Special Regulations Part 2 Off the beach boats

Please download the new safety regulations for Off Beach boats. These rules are important and must be complied with.

Rates given are for a casual “one off” session, or for a sailing “series”, which typically coincides with school terms(10 Weeks).  Arrangements can be made to those wishing to compete in club regattas, such as “Sail Airlie” regatta, held over the Easter period. Note that the rates quoted are exclusive of SailPASS temporary membership.

​Opti Tacker: Daily Rate $15, Series Rate $120

A boat designed for junior sailors (15 and under). The Opti Tacker is an entry level version of the Optimist racing dinghy, which is more forgiving of the knocks and bumps that learner-sailors will encounter.

O’pen Skiff: Daily Rate $20, Term Rate $160

The O’pen Skiff, formerly known as the O’pen Bic is a single handed sailboat designed for younger sailors. It is an International Class, as recognised by World Sailing. The ideal weight for a user of this boat is 30 kg – 65 kg, but it can accommodate up to 90 kg, making it suitable for children and young teens.

Laser: Daily Rate $25, Term Rate $175

An Olympic class single-person sail boat suitable for teenagers (weighing 40Kg or more) and up. There are 3 different sail sizes available and the boats are very simple and durable.  A race-spec Laser, including laser “turbo kit”.

RS Quest: Daily Rate $30, Term Rate $240

The RS Quest is a popular Teaching/Training and Family boat. A completely modern design that is both comfortable, simple, strong, and stable – the Quest was an instant classic. By offering a large, self draining cockpit that can fit four adults – the Quest is easy to rig, and a fun to sail family boat.

Hobie Wave: Daily Rate $30, Term Rate $200

The Hobie Wave is a fun “off the beach” catamaran for one or two people.  With a single mainsail and no trapeze, they are the ideal boat to go for a sail around the shores of Airlie Beach.